Udokan begins commissioning at filtration building of hydrometallurgical plant

At Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant work has begun on commissioning 7 fine filter presses and 1 conventional filter press for processing bulk concentrate, as well as discharge conveyors for the filter presses and screw mixers, in the filtration building of the hydrometallurgical plant.


Concentrator Plant Equipment Has Been Started at Udokan Site

The initial start has been given to the Concentrator Plant equipment of Udokan Mining and Processing Plant in the course of the Eastern Economic Forum. This is how the Plant saw its first concentrate produced.


Udokan Copper Buys 1K Carbon Credits from RusHydro

On the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, Udokan Copper and RusHydro have signed a purchase agreement for 1000 carbon credits. This is the first time the two parties made a deal to purchase GHG offsets under the climate project implemented at Vladivostok-2 Power Plant.


Udokan Copper Plans to Start Stage II by 2028

This was stated by Mr. Alexey Yaschuk, Udokan Copper’s CEO, in his interview to “Globus” magazine. According to Mr. Yaschuk, so far, the Company has developed a Stage II Project FS and a process specification for design & engineering of Udokan Stage II Facilities for 24-28 MTPA of ore.


Udokan’s First Ore Hits Conveyor Belt

Udokan Plant's successful “on-load” commissioning in Primary Crusher Building and all conveyor areas.


First Efforts to Repopulate Siberian Sturgeon in Zabaikalye

The first batch of fry of Siberian sturgeon of around 14 specimens were released into Chara river in the Kalarsky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory.