На Удокане завершено строительство теплого склада прирельсовой базы
10 March 2023

At Udokan, the Сonstruction of a Heated Warehouse near the Railway Base Has Been Completed

One of the most important facilities, a warm storage, has been erected at the transport and storage complex of Udokan MMP, which is under construction. It is designed for storage of finished products and uninterrupted supply of the enterprise with the necessary raw materials and equipment. Currently, installation of the utilities and finishing works are being carried out at the facility.

In the building of the heated warehouse with an area of more than 4 thousand square meters. m, it is possible to simultaneously accommodate about 2 thousand tons of cargo requiring storage at positive temperatures.

The Railway Base or the transport and storage complex of Udokan MMP is a unique facility next to Novaya Chara station of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. It will ensure reliable storage, receipt and shipment of finished products - cathode copper and sulfide concentrate, as well as materials and equipment necessary for production.

An administrative building and a number of auxiliary facilities have already been erected here. A cold warehouse, a fuel and lubricants warehouse, a fire pumping station are being built at an intensive pace, and non-public railway tracks are being laid. In particular, more than 10 out of 12.5 kilometers of railway tracks have already been installed.

As Mr. Alexey Yaschuk, General Director of Udokan Copper, noted, the operation of the railroad base would allow the company to gain a competitive advantage - independence from contractors and the state of their infrastructure. “Today we are working on transport routes for the supply of finished products both to international markets, primarily to China, due to the proximity to the border with it and high demand for copper, as well as to the domestic market,” A. Yaschuk said.

We remind that the commencement of the first stage of the Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant is scheduled for 2023. Up to 135 thousand tons of copper in cathodes and sulfide concentrate will be produced here annually.