Байкальская горная компания признана лучшим стратегическим инвестором Дальнего Востока
13 December 2019

Baikal Mining Company Recognized as the Best Strategic Investor in the Russian Far East

The award was presented by the First Deputy Minister for Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic Sergey Tyrtsev. Udokan copper deposit situated in Kalar District of Zabaikalye Region is so far the third largest undeveloped copper deposit globally.

Output of the Mining and Metallurgical Plant at Stage I will amount to 12 mtpa of copper ore. The enterprise will produce cathode copper and sulphide concentrate.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baikal Mining Company Valery Kazikaev stated, “More than third of the project cost has already been invested into the project enabling to develop and validate a unique technology with no equals in the world, design the Mining and Metallurgical Plant with all infrastructure facilities and carry out ambitious construction works at the site of the future complex.”

According to Mr.Kazikaev, in 2019 the company provided construction with the required finance and staff, engaged world-class contractors and suppliers and became a resident of Zabaikalye Priority Development Area.

Project implementation in Zabaikalye Priority Development Area is related to the development of the whole northern Zabaikalye, including upgrade of the airport in Chara settlement, development of a logistics hub at Novaya Chara railway station, construction of power and social infrastructure.