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September, 2023.

June, 2023.

June, 2021.

Udokan Copper

July, 2021.

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Strategic Importance

Udokan Copper is a strategic investor in the Trans-Baikal Region with 230 billion rubles of investments into the first stage of the project. The Udokan deposit development project was included in the Trans-Baikal Territory of Accelerated Growth by the Government of Russia. It signifies its importance for social and economic development of the region.

Sustainable Development

Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Plant will be among the most modern, safest and socially responsible copper plants in the industry.

We respect and care for the land where we work. We are committed to creating a new quality of life for the current and future generations of people who live and work in this harsh, but beautiful land.

3 500



Rubles of tax contributions

Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection

Udokan Copper implements the best available technologies to ensure the environmental safety of copper mining and processing operations. Minimizing our environmental footprint is our absolute priority.




Rubles of tax contributions

Udokan is a leading project in the industry

In harmony with the nature, with concern for people, with respect to the unique territory of the Trans-Baikal Region, Udokan Copper produces metal for safe and technologically effective future.